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Video Gait Analysis

The PULSE is the only specialty store in the Treasure Valley to offer FREE Video Gait Analysis. Understanding your foot arch and how much you pronate is important if you want to pick the right running shoe.


Pronation refers to the degree to which your foot rolls inward as you land: You either land a little on the outside (underpronate), a little on the inside (overpronate), or straight down the middle (neutral).


Here's how our video gait analysis works:


  • While walking and/or running on the treadmill, you are video-taped for approx 30 seconds.

  • Replaying the tape in slow motion and stop motion, we observe and evaluate the basic mechanics of your foot, arch, and ankle.

  • We show and explain these mechanics to you. 

  • Using this video gait analysis, we provide a thorough explanation of footwear options and precise fittings.


While video gait analysis helps us determine the proper shoe for you, it is just one tool. We also help you find a shoe that is comfortable on your foot - you know the old saying, "If the shoe fits..." 


Many running injuries can be prevented when biomechanics and shoe mechanics are given the proper professional attention.

Monthly Video Gait Analysis with Therapeutic Associates - Meridian

The PULSE has teamed up with Brian Weiderman, PT, DPT, OCS, from Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy to take gait analysis to the next level. Whether you have been running awhile or you’re just getting started, it’s always a great idea to have someone take a look at your form from head to toe. Even better is having an expert from Therepeutic Associates who will video you, assess the video with you, and give you some tips and exercises to get you running in good form.


Brian and his team will provide strategies and drills to help you improve your overall running experience. Individual sessions last 15 minutes. All shoes are 20% off during the clinic so you can take advantage of recommendations resulting from your session.


Call the shop to set up your appt. 

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