Bogus 50/50 - Saturday, October 2, 2021

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Registration is open for the 2020 Bogus 50/50. Click here to register. 

The Event

Saturday, October 2, 2021

50 Mile 5 am start

50K 6 am start

15 Mile 9 am start

                                 ***************2021 Race Covid Protocol***************

   Here are the rules for our 2021 event.  Showing up and participating in the race means you are prepared to adhere to them.  These are guidelines that are required of me by the CDH, the City of Boise, my race insurance, and my peace of mind.  It is meant to keep not only you safe, but all the amazing volunteers out on the course too.  The health and safety of everyone out there and the community is a top priority.  Honestly, I have been going back and forth as to whether I’m being irresponsible to even hold the race. After reviewing the guidelines again and again I feel like we can hold a safe event if everyone follows the guidelines put out.  If you feel you do not want to follow the guidelines, please don’t show up.  If you have a fever or feel ill, please don’t show up.  If you’ve been around someone who’s tested positive for Covid, don’t show up.  I will have a race questionnaire you will receive at packet pickup.  If you answer yes to any of the questions or feel you do not want to follow the guidelines send me an email and I will defer you to next year or establish if you are still able to race.  This was sent to you all participants on 9/22 via email.  Please let me know if you would like me to send it to you.  The guidelines will be enforced and you will receive a DNF if you choose not to follow them.   I will not have patience for excuses. 

 If your situation allows, please show up, have an amazing race, be kind, and do your part to stay safe and keep the race crew and volunteers safe.

Arrival at Event:  There will be plenty of space at the race start to stay spread out.  You are required to have a mask on at any time you cannot maintain a 6ft distance.


Race Day Packet Pickup/Race Check in:  Be sure to stay 6 ft apart at Packet Pickup.  Wear your mask prior to approaching the table, use the sanitizer on the table or the one given to you at the race.  We’ll get you checked in and on your way.  To allow more time for this process packet pickup/check in will be available 1 ½ hr prior to your race.


Race Start: We will gather in the start line area just 5 minutes prior to the start, your mask is required when you start the race and until you start to spread out. I will start the runners in waves of approx. 20, 1 minute apart.  These will be in Ultrasignup order`.  The beginning of the race is not a single track giving you time to spread out.

 On the Course: Runners are asked to only run with other runners already inside their ‘bubble’.  Masks have to be worn if you cannot maintain a 6’ distance for a period of time (ie I feel just passing someone is fine without a mask, but feel free to pull one up if you choose).  Call out that you will be passing and proceed. Again, do not run with other runners outside your bubble unless you want to wear a mask.

Aid Stations:  The Aid Station Captain will have full authority to hand out a DNF if protocols are not followed.  I expect them to be helpful, organized and to get you in and out as quickly as possible.  I do not expect that they will take any harassing from a participant or crew. Be Kind, be respectful.

You will be required to wear a mask as you approach the aid station.  You must use sanitizer as you enter, there will be some at the table and I will be handing out ‘to go’ sanitizers you can hang on your pack for use during the race.  Please leave distance between yourself and the table and volunteers.  The volunteers will also be wearing a mask.

      The volunteers will not be touching your pack, your bottles or your refillable cup (remember this is a green race).  Open up your pack/bottles or hold your cup out and they will be filling them up for you.  You will need to close your pack/put the lids back on yourself.

       Please ask the aid station volunteers for what you would like and they will hand it to you.  I will be using more pre packaged items than I want to, but feel it’s required to keep everyone safe.  I will send you a complete list of Aid Station items prior to the race.  Please, please pick up any trash you see on the trail (do this always). 

      Feel free to use your own crew where it is allowed to help you if you want.  Just ask that they social distance. They will be required to follow all the Covid protocols in place.  Do not let them get you a DNF

Finish Area:  Post race meal will be packaged in a ‘to go’ box.  If you decide to stay in the park to eat please stay social distanced and wear your mask when you are not eating.

I’m sorry for all the protocols, but they are required this year.  I can promise you I am as tired of them as you are. I feel like we can have the race responsibly and not add to the community spread of Covid.  Let’s be kind and do what we need to do.  I’m super excited to see all of you and to cheer you on.  I’ll be at the finish line waiting to see your happy faces!

The Bogus 50/50 event includes 3 distances including Boise's first 50 Mile, a 50K and a 15 mile.  All three distances start and finish in the Fort Boise parking lot.  The 50 Mile is a race almost entirely on single track that includes some of Boise's best trails including Dry Creek and Around The Mountain.  The 50K distance is a great course in the lower Boise Foothills, it takes you on a great run of varying terrain and beautiful single track.  The 15 mile distance will include the first and last part of the 50K course. It's a great course for the novice trail runner as well as a fast course for the more avid runner. These races feature one of the best trail networks in the West.

50 Mile 

The 50 Mile course winds it's way from the lower foothills up to Bogus Basin and back using some of the most beautiful trails in the state.  The 50 Mile has an elevation gain of approximately 11K.  Click here to see the written course directions and here to see the course profile.  Click here to see the Aid Station, crew access and drop bag locations for the 50 Miile.  The 50 Mile has 2 cutoffs, they are both hard cutoffs. The first is approx mile 29 miles at Simplot Lodge Aid Station at 2PM and the 2nd is at Mile 47-8th Street/Motorcycle Parking Aid Station at 6PM.


The 50K course gives area ultrarunners a close-to-home venue for a trail ultra and showcases the tremendous natural resources of the Boise foothills for visitors.  The 50K has an elevation gain of approximately 6611 feet.  Click here for written course directions and here for the course profile.  Click here for the Aid Station, crew access and drop bag locations for the 50K course.  The 50K has a cutoff at mile 22 aid station at 2pm.

15 Mile

The 15 Mile uses the first and last part of the 50K course.  This will be great for spectator viewing and cheering! The 15 mile has an elevation gain of approximately 2688 feet.  Click here for written course directions and here for the course profile. Click here for the Aid Station locations for the 15 Mile course.


All courses include multiple uphill and downhill sections. The terrain is of moderate difficulty, providing a challenge to runners, but not too hard for first-timers. This is a green race so you will need to bring a collapsible race for the aid stationsNo refunds will be provided, including in the event of a cancellation outside of the organizers control.

Packet Pickup is at The Pulse Running and Fitness Shop on Thursday September 30th and Friday  Oct 1st 11-6.

Course Maps:

15 Mile


50M North Section

50M South Section

Be sure to get signed up by September 17th to be guaranteed race schwag!


A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Ridge to Rivers Trail System to help maintain the spectacular trails in the Boise foothills.  No Refunds. You can sell or transfer your bib, just send an email to the Race Director.

The Pulse Running and Fitness Shop operates under a Special Use Permit on the Boise National Forest under the USDA.

This is a USTAF sanctioned event