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Refund Policy

No simple shoe return policy can cover all the possible situations that may come up, but our goal is to have you running or walking happily and injury free with your shoes, we will do anything reasonable to accomplish that.


The Pulse Running and Fitness Shop policy for shoe returns:

DEFECTIVE SHOES  –  Any shoe that’s clearly defective, may be returned for full credit or refund within 30 days.

NON-DEFECTIVE SHOES: UNWORN –  Non-defective (i.e., not clearly defective) shoes may be returned for full credit or refund if returned within 14 days, in original box.

NON-DEFECTIVE SHOES: WORN –  Up to 30 days after purchase. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Possible partial in store credit may be allowed.


About our Fit Process
We pride ourselves on fitting you in the right shoes. Our fitting process includes not only getting you in the proper size, but also getting you in the proper type of shoe for your running or walking goals. A proper fitting shoe means making good recommendations of the proper shoes for your individual needs. While each shoe fitting is different, some of the needs that we take into consideration are your footstrike (pronation), your foot shape (wide or narrow, high arch etc), your running experience and current level of running, your weight , and any of your individual requirements, like price, the shoe’s weight, brand, or even color.


As far as how the shoe should fit on your foot, people are different, some prefer their shoes very snug, some very loose, neither of which is necessarily recommended–in general. Using our experience, and our video gait analysis we can assist you in making the best choice. But, because you are the one inside the shoe, you must ultimately take responsibility for the shoe fitting your foot well.


We feel it’s very much like any major purchase. You obtain reliable input from knowledgeable sources, and then use that information to make an informed decision of your own.

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