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The PULSE Running & Fitness Shop has been an active part of the Treasure Valley since 2005. Our mission is simple: Provide excellent service to our valued customers. We welcome runners, walkers, and hikers of all levels and ages. We are in the business of promoting a healthy lifestyle – both on the road and on the trail.


Our staff is comprised of both road runners and trail runners. We are knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. In addition, we have experience in coaching, training, and retail. Our own personal training ensures that we stay on top of the latest innovations in running shoes and apparel. Because we’re all runners, you’re likely to see us running along your favorite routes and in local races.


While we have experience running both track and cross country in high school and college, we have also run with baby joggers, kids, and dogs. We participate in events ranging from the 5K to ultramarathon distances on road and trail, triathlons, and track events.


Our products are chosen to support you in your running. We carry running shoes, socks, insoles, apparel, nutritional supplements, gels, hydration gear, running books, magazines, and more. We see running as a life-long endeavor. When we sell you a pair of shoes, we think about your needs as a runner—your stride, your foot strike, your foot dimensions, and the terrain you run on.


We are the only specialty store in the Treasure Valley that offers video gait analysis. We record your stride on a treadmill and show it back to you in slow motion so we can evaluate your stride and help you find the shoes that are best for you.


Because we believe that Idaho is an incredible place to live a running lifestyle, we sponsor several races and fun runs each year. We are the sponsor of the Idaho Trail Ultra Series – a series of trail races in Boise, Eagle, Weiser, Challis, Mackay, Moscow, and Crouch. Because we’re interested in supporting young runners, we even sponsor some high school meets including one of the largest invitationals in the state held at Centennial High School, The Pulse Invitational.


We are a huge supporter of the Ridge to Rivers Trail System. We have some of the best trails in the Northwest, and we act as trail ambassadors to promote proper trail etiquette to help preserve and maintain the integrity of the trail system.


Whatever your needs, whatever your level of running, we’re here to support you and to keep you running.

Holly Finch



Holly has been the owner of The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop for 10 years. A runner for 20 years, Holly has run every distance from the 5K to 100K, including Robie Creek 10 times. She also enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and anything outdoors she can do with family and friends. 

Beth Ahrend



Beth has been running for 18+ years and tri'ing for 10 years. The half marathon distance is her favorite distance to run with Robie Creek and Zeitgeist being her two favorites in the Valley. She has run every distance from the 5K to 50K. Her favorite place to run is in the Boise foothills.

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