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Idaho Trail Ultra Series

2023 Dirty Dozen and jacket winners


1. Rita Krantz

2. Lauri Thompson

3. Jenna Maffey

4. Ashlee Drake

5. Rebecca Bishop

6. Tricia Varvel

Kelly Kaineg

Rebecca Roane

Joyce Garnet


1. Michael Postaski

2. Zachary Van Abbema

3. Justin Jensen

4. Mathew Davis

5. Jose Cervantes

6. Brent Crumley

Christopher Carney

Robert Gonzales

James Morrell

Jeremy Smith

Ricky Roane

Edward Tierney

Patrick Arbtin

Jeremy Meyers

Mark Varvel

Dustin Matier

Brian Lettner

Nate McClanahan

Ben Nickell

John Thornley

Eric Thomas

Steve Burgess

What is the Idaho Trail Ultra Series?

ITUS is a series of 12 races across Idaho that offer some of the most amazing views and challenges to test your endurance, speed and grit.

Why run the Idaho Trail Ultra Series?

     Complete 4 of the 12 races in any ultra distance and you get a logo'd ITUS jacket at the end of the year.  You accumulate points based on the distance and finish time of each race.  The top 6 men and women in points are considered The Dirty Dozen and you receive a  special Dirty Dozen plaque. ​

How are ITUS points configured?

     Points: We divide the winning time by runner time and then multiply by the applicable points for that race (31 for 50k).
     Bonus Points: first place, 10 points; second place, 5 points; third place, 3 points. Second and third place points are calculated on the formula BEFORE adding the bonus points. 

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