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         What the Fall is Happening Challenge

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                What the Fall is Happening Winter Challenge     

     We miss everyone and can’t wait to see you again.  Unfortunately it appears we’re going to be in this mask wearing, social distancing phase for a while, so in the meantime we’re gonna challenge you with a Fun Winter Workout Challenge to keep you motivated until we can hang out with you again.  From October through February we have a challenge for you. We’re hoping we’ll be running together by the end of the challenge, if not, well…..I don’t even want think about my state of mind if that happens.

Here’s all the deets:

     We have partnered with 5 of our favorite vendors to keep you motivated through the winter months.   During each month you must log an activity in the Strava club ‘What The Fall is Happening Challenge.  I know you may not want to run 20 days of the month and that’s just fine.  There’s lots of activities that can keep us motivated.  Hiking, Running, Cycling, Yoga, weight lifting, throwing the ball for your dog or laser chasing with your cat -anything that motivates you and gives you happiness (let’s keep it PG rated here 😊 ).  At the end of the month anyone who has logged an activity for at least 20 days of the month gets schwag from our monthly partner.  Only one activity a day counts towards your monthly goal of 20.  Be ready for a little bonus challenge during the month for fun schwag.

     All logged activity will be verified by the first week of the following month and schwag can be picked up starting the first Friday through the 15th, after that all left over schwag will be donated.  All new prizes each month will be based on what the sponsor wants to donate.  The 5th month of the 5 month challenge is sponsored by Altra Shoes and Feetures running socks. . 

     If you complete 3 of the 5 monthly challenges during the Fall Challenge you will receive a FREE super cool completely awesome Pulse Running And Fitness Shop Sweatshirt or Pullover.  There is only a $10 fee for each month you want to participate in.

We’re all in this together so let’s stay safe, keep everyone else safe and motivate each other to stay healthy and have some fun!  Even though we’re using Strava to keep track of the activities I’d still love to see your pictures on the Dirty Soles FB page to encourage others to get out there!

What the Fall is Happening with The Pulse, Altra and Feetures BONUS Challenge Rules


Everyone who completes the challenge this month will receive cool schwag from Altra and/or Feetures.  The bonus challenge will be from Thursday Feb 11th-Thursday Feb 18th. Altra's tag line is Zero Limits so for the challenge you will need to post at least one picture doing something that pushes your limits, or at one time you thought was your limit OR doing something new to you.  Never done Yoga? or Snowshoeing? or maybe Mountain Biking?  now's the time!  You need to post your picture to The Pulse Dirty Soles FB page and tag #altrarunning, #zerolimits, #feetures and #thepulserunning  Everyone who completes the bonus challenge will be put into a drawing for a pair of Altra shoes and Feetures socks!

      What the Fall is Happening with The Pulse, Altra and Feetures Running Rules


*  You must join the Strava club ‘What The Fall is Happening with The Pulse and Shop Local and log your daily activity.     Click here to join the Strava club.     

*Your account must be public and visible so we can see it

*Activity will be verified 1 entry per day will be counted (any activity counts)

*Must record 20 or more activities in a month to earn month end schwag

*Cost: $10/month or challenge which can be paid in person at the Pulse Running & Fitness Shop or online at

     How do I create a Strava Account?

-Option 1) Go to and sign up with your email address. 

-Option 2) download the Strava app to your phone,  then create an account with the sign up options. 


     How do you join the group? 

Once you are logged in to the app go to “explore” 

then “clubs” then in the search bar type “what the fall is happening... (the group name will pop up) 

Then “tap the orange bar to join”


     All these steps can be done on the web or the app. 


     How do I make my account public and visible? 


Once logged in go profiles

Then privacy controls. 

Then activities. 

Then select “everyone “

Still have questions?

You can call us at the shop at 208-884-1141, send us an email at or send us a message through our website or FB page and we'll help you out.



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